Digital Shade Matching

Customary shade matching techniques have remained an outdated process, with limited accuracy, for decades. This leaves highly skilled clinicians and their patients with non-optimal esthetic results. The eLab system bridges the gap between the clinician and technician in terms of generating consistent colour reproduction of any tooth. By use of camera equipment suitable for dental photography, one photo can provide the ingredients to identically shade match neighbouring teeth, allowing dentists to achieve indistinguishably natural indirect restorations on a consistent basis.


Master Ceramist Division

On the leading edge of dental technology, our Master Ceramist Division is comprised of a team of certified individuals graduating from UCLA’s aesthetic dentistry program. They have the ability to emulate natural esthetics through custom shade matching using the eLabs system, customized artistry, and natural tooth morphology, giving you the option to upgrade your patient’s esthetic needs.

Photography studio

Within dentistry, photography plays an important role in drawing in new clients. Online platforms allow dentists to display their work for the world to see with the click of a button. In order to produce enough online traffic, it is vital that those results are captured in the utmost visually appealing manner. As a service to our clients, we encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary photography studio in our laboratory, allowing your patients to confidently showcase their smile and capture the life-changing results you’re capable of creating.

Treatment Planning

Make your desired treatment outcomes come to life with step by step planning and collaboration with Edwin and our laboratory technicians. From wax ups, surgical guides, shade matching, and material recommendations, treatment planning is essential for guaranteeing consistent results to attract new patients and showcase your expertise


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